Monday, May 31, 2010

Being a graveyard rabbit can be dangerous work

Hi everyone! Well, here I sit with my right leg elevated and my knee iced, the victim of a cemetery 'divot'. Unfortunately, I forgot the number one rule of graveyard 'rabbiting'(if I may turn that noun into a verb) is stay on the main paths, and if you don't, watch where you're walking. My right foot found a hole, my leg went left, my body went right, and there I was lying on the ground with a sprained knee. It was kind of strange lying in a cemetery at ground level, but still I managed to get lots of photos.

Here's more from the Burying Ground, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:

This memorial was built to honour two Haligonians, Major A.F. Welsford and Captain William Parker, who were killed at the Battle of Redan during the Crimean War. The memorial was erected in 1855 at the cemetery entrance. The lion at the top represents the bravery of those who died during the war. Sebastopol is the anglicized name of Sevastopol, Crimea.
These two graves, side by side, caught my eye because of their resemblance to dining tables or perhaps altars.
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