Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rabbiting is contagious: Guest rabbit Matthew Gorman

The G20 meetings are being held in Toronto, and so we are socked in for a bit. My husband Matthew works in the heart of the financial district and, unable to get into his office this week, he decided to hit the road and go visit some of his clients. His travels took him into the northern reaches of the province, and along the way he spotted this small cemetery. He felt compelled to stop and take a look (rabbiting is contagious). He shot these stones with his Blackberry and emailed them to me. I was so excited when I saw them; I think he did a great job. Both the stones, and their configuration, are really interesting. (As always click on them to open a larger version) Here they are:

The saying reads: Friends nor Physicians could not save. / This mortal body from the grave, / Nor can the grave confine it here, / When Christ in judgment doth appear.
The saying reads: My flesh shall slumber in the ground / Till the last Trumpets joyful sound / Then burst the chains with sweet surprise / And in my Saviours image rise
The saying reads: Friends nor physicians could not save / Their mortal bodies from the Grave; / Nor can the Grave confine them here, When Christ shall bid them to appear.
The stone reads: Wm. McBain / 37th Regiment of Foot / Granted / W1/2 Lot 20 Conc. XI - 1818 / His Wife Jane McIndoo / Cavan Pioneers

The 37th Regiment of Foot was a regiment of the British Military, drawn from Ireland, and brought to Canada to assist the British side in the War of 1812. After their service ended a very few of the soldiers were given permission to marry and granted plots of land so that they could stay and settle the area. William McBain was one of those lucky soldiers.
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