Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: O'Connell's Tomb: The Family Stack

Irish patriot Daniel O'Connell died in Genoa, Italy 15 May 1847, and is buried in a splendid tomb beneath a round tower in Glasnevin Cemetery. In order to view a slideshow of 20 photographs of the tomb just click on this link or visit 'On a flesh and bone foundation: An Irish History'

Given the beauty of O'Connell's tomb one might imagine his family members would be interred in a similar fashion, if not quite so grand; however, that is not the case. In a room inside the tomb and to the left of O'Connell's 'altar' you will find the lead-lined coffins of ten family members, including his two sons, rather curiously 'stacked' one on top of the other. There are four very large coffins on the bottom and two on the top. Their names and dates are listed on a soiled piece of paper which hangs in a simple frame just outside the door, and they are described in terms of their relationship to "The Great Liberator".

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