Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Rev. James Fay, Glasnevin Cemetery

Just south of O'Connell's circle stands this monument over the grave of Reverend Father James Fay, founder and Guardian of the Orphanage of St. Catherine's Parish, Dublin. The statue depicts Fay as the all encompassing guardian of orphans, two of whom are featured along with him. In the 1879 book, A Guide to Glasnevin Cemetery, it is written of James Fay, "of him it may be truly said that his bones have a tomb of orphans' tears wept on them".

Fashioned by Westmeath born, Dublin raised, sculptor extraordinaire James Cahill, the statue was presented by the people of Dublin as an expression of their profound regret over the loss of Fay. Reverend James Fay was a man noted not only for his work with orphans, but also for his religious devotion and ardent love of his country Ireland.  Fay died 30 January 1861 at the age of 41 years.  The monument was erected in 1864.

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All Photographs Copyright©J.Geraghty-Gorman 2011.
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