Friday, April 13, 2012

Remembering victims of Titanic: Ernest Edward Samuel Freeman

Ernest Freeman is listed in White Star records as Chief Deck Steward on the Titanic; however, he also served as a secretary to White Star chairman Joseph Bruce Ismay, whom you will note is credited with erecting his headstone. You will also notice the number 239 near the bottom of the marker which indicates that Freeman's body was the 239th to be recovered from the sea.

During the tenure of his employment with White Star, Mr. Freeman was paid a monthly salary of £3 15s. After his death Mr. J. Bruce Ismay arranged for Freeman's family to receive a life-long pension. Shortly after the disaster, Ismay donated $50,000 to the pension fund for widows of seamen on the Titanic, and in 1924 he inaugurated the National Mercantile Marine fund with a gift of $125,000. Perhaps Mr. Ismay felt a little guilty for having survived the catastrophe.

Grave marker photo Copyright©irisheyesjg2008-2012
Freeman Photo Copyright ©Encyclopedia Titanica
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