Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Anvils Anyone?

Here are two excellent examples of anvils atop headstones. These stones are within yards of each other in the Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is interesting to note that, while anvils usually appear with a hammer on top, neither of these anvils has a hammer. An anvil was used for forging metal, and on a headstone is usually a signifier for a blacksmith; however, was either of these men in fact a blacksmith?

Interred here is Andrew McVittie, his wife Annie, and their daughter Lillie May. Of the McVitties I was able to discover that Andrew was born in Dublin, Ireland: his wife Annie was of the Jaggard family, and in addition to Lillie May, they had another daughter named Eva who is not interred here.

Interred here is Henry O'Brien, a native of County Cork, Ireland, and his wife Isabella McCormick, a native of County Armagh, Ireland. I wonder how they met since Cork is in the southernmost province of Munster and Armagh is in the northeast province of Ulster. Perhaps they met in Canada.
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